Small or Large - Speaker Setup Simplified

The goal for this article is to make the subject of receiver/processor speaker setup simple and accessible. It's the ...

Home Theater Speaker Placement

You want a great home theater? Then you need to have your room right and you need to have your speakers in the right ...

Home Theater Subwoofer Placement

When it comes to home theater, most owners really want to bring the bass, they want powerful, clean, and strong bass....

Home Theater Room Dimensions

If you want to build a great home theater, the place you’ll be starting is the actual room itself. The size of the ro...

Home Theater Seating

You’re ready to build your home theater. Awesome! You know you are going to have a massive screen, an amazing projector, incredible sound, controlled lighting, and then you realize you need to also figure out where you and your guests are going to sit.

Home Theater Viewing Distance

Once you have decided to have a home theater, nothing will stop you! During your journey of creating your home theate...

Home Theater Viewing Angle

So you’re getting ready to enjoy the awesomeness that is a big old projection screen in your home theater, which is e...

Home Theater Projection Screens

So your big TV might be nice, but when you are ready to really step up to all that a home theater can be, you need a ...

Sound Isolation Versus Acoustics

One thing we often see is the confusion between sound isolation and room acoustics. In this home theater library entr...

DIY Corner Bass Traps

OK so you have your home theater, and you have your incredible subwoofers in your home theater. But, something isn’t ...
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