Which Subwoofer?

This article was contributed by Mark Dalquist, an avid DIY enthusiast, sub, and speaker builder, and a moderator in the HTE Facebook group. The original post, along with discussion of many of the options can be viewed in the HTE Facebook group: WHICH SUBWOOFER?

This question comes up daily so I put together a list. Keep in mind this is the list of subwoofers I would look at. Subwoofers I would purchase in each category are highlighted. Subwoofers that I think stand out in each category have asterisks by them.

I probably left a few of your favorite subs off the list. Don't get upset. This is just my opinion.

Please note that I will always pick TWO $900 subs over ONE $1800 sub. This list is just supposed to show you whats available. It also doesn't include shipping which is free on some models and extra on others. It's just a guide.

Also, if you are looking at twin subwoofers, remember the Seaton Submersives have a slave unit that costs considerably less than the main by itself.

Under $600 Subwoofers

**HSU VTF-2 MK5 $540
Monolith 10" 500


$600 - $1200 Subwoofers

SVS SB-2000 $700
SVS PB-2000 800
SVS SB-3000 1000
**HSU VTF-15H mk2 900
Monolith 12" 680


$1200 - $1800 Subwoofers

**PSA V1512** $1299
**PSA V1812 1599
Rythmik FV15HP 1429
SVS PB-3000 1400
Monolith 15" 1300


$1800 - $2400 Subwoofers

**Rythmik FV18 $1874
**PSA S3611 2100
Seaton F18 2400
SVS PB-4000 1900
SVS SB16-Ultra 2000


$2400 - $3000 Subwoofers

JTR Captivator 2400 $2500
JTR Captivator RS1 2699
**JTR Captivator 2400ULF 2799
Monolith M-215 2500
Seaton SubMersive HP 2600
Seaton X21AD 2700
Seaton SubMersive F2 2800
**Rythmik FV25HP 2600
SVS PB16-Ultra 2500
**PSA V3612** 2550
**PSA TV-36 IPAL 3050



DIY SUBWOOFER SECTION (all of these are for a pair)

**GSG Marty Cube 2-pk**
- (2) UM-22 ultimax drivers
- Behringer NX6000D amp
$1707 (not including finishing supplies)

**DIYSG Stonhenge 2-pk**
- (2) "Stonehenge" cabinets 
- (2) RSS460HO 18" drivers and a
- Behringer NX6000D amp
$1777 (Not including finishing supplies)

Parts Express 18" PR cube
- (2) RSS-460HO drivers
- (2) 18" passive radiators
- Behringer NX6000D

Parts Express 18" sealed cube 
- (2) UM-22 Ultimax drivers and
- Behringer NX6000D

ADD $700 to upgrade to twin Crown XLS2502 drivecore amplifiers or $500 to upgrade to XLS2002 amps.

It has been pointed out to me I should at least mention other brands of amplifiers and subwoofer drivers for consideration.

Amplifier Alternatives

Crown iTech, Crown Macro-tech, QSC, Powersoft, Lab Gruppen, Speaker Power, Danley Sound labs, not to mention some of the Chinese rip-off clones of some of the above that are popular with some. (My personal favorite are the Powersoft options)

I prefer amplifiers with built-in DSP because the actual pro-audio level dsp is really really good. However you will need some sort of DSP and if the amplifier doesn't have it built-in, Mini-DSP is the go-to however there are many other digital signal processors available from companies like DBX, Ashly, Lake, Behringer, Mackie, and many many others.

Subwoofer Driver Alternatives

See Stereo Integrity, Fi Tech, Rockford Fosgate, B&C, Eminence, Faital Pro, BMS, JBL, 18 Sound, LaVoce, and others. (My personal favorites are the JBL 2269H, the BMS 18N862, and the 18 Sound 18NTLW5000. And this doesn't even get into the 21" and 24" stuff.)

Obviously there are hundreds of DIY options. I just picked some popular choices and these prices don't show finishing supplies because finishes vary greatly.

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