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About HTE

Warren Peterson wrote The Home Theater Book and started HTE as a way to help enthusiasts learn to make their own home theater dreams come true. Warren and Steve joined forces in 2015 to expand HTE's reach and connect home theater enthusiasts from all over the world.

About Steve Crabb

Steve Crabb, CEO Home Theater Enthusiasts

Steve Crabb has nearly twenty-five years of experience in publishing, content creation, communication design, and marketing. He graduated from Iowa State University, then pursued a career in design and marketing, including decade-long stint at consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE:BAH), where he developed e-learning and strategic communication products for corporate and government clients.

For the next ten years, he supported or managed marketing efforts at several different CEDIA-channel manufacturers, including iRule & OnControls, Luxul, Domotz, and Kaleidescape.

Steve’s love for home theater began in the eighties watching Star Wars, Tron and Top Gun on LaserDisc in his childhood home, and continued as a professional. After dreaming for years of having his own home theater, he transformed an unfinished basement into his own dream home cinema in 2006.

Steve met Warren Peterson at a home theater "meetup", then Warren featured Steve's theater in an episode of his “Home Theaters Revealed” DVD series. They've been friends ever since.

In 2015, Steve bought HTE to partner with Warren and continue offering a unique, high-quality group for enthusiasts to share and discuss home theater. Since then, the Facebook group has grown from a thousand members to over 34,000.

In 2020, during the worldwide pandemic, Steve and Warren decided to make Home Theater Enthusiasts much more than just a Facebook group. With the launch of a new online store, Steve can do much more than just help enthusiasts choose the best equipment; he can supply it, too.


About Warren Peterson

Always an entrepreneur, and leveraging his experience as a learning and development pro, Warren then started a company to help fellow enthusiasts learn how to design and build their own dedicated home theaters. It all began with an ebook packed with a few hundred pages detailed info and photos of the entire process of building a home theater from start to finish. It grew into a quarterly DVD series where he travelled around the country to interview home theater enthusiasts and industry experts. It was fun, but also an enormous amount of work.

Home Theater Enthusiasts was truly born in 2012 when Warren created a Facebook group where fellow enthusiasts could discuss home theater and share their passion. He kept the group small at first, then opened the group to anybody interested in home theater and the group began to grow. The goal has always been to discuss home theater with fellow enthusiasts, share knowledge, and learn from each other.

Warren now pursues his other passions of writing and teaching men how to be better husbands, fathers and men. Home theater is no longer his profession and he isn't involved in daily operations, but he still loves home theater and stays involved as an advisor, mentor, and enthusiast.

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