HTE Consulting Q&A

HTE Consulting Q&A

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HTE Consulting Q&A 

Stuck in analysis paralysis? Frustrated that you don't even know what you don't know? Let's get those things figured out!

Yes, you could spend hours googling or you could ask questions in forums and get ten different (conflicting) answers... But, you could also just hop on a phone call or Zoom meeting with me and we can talk through it. If it's something that'll take some thought, we can talk and then I'll put it together in an email you can save for later.

We'll use a couple of hours as a guide, but it isn't about the minute hand on a clock. I'm not going to run a timer and this isn't a therapy session where I'm going to boot you out when the time is up. The point here is to get your questions answered and get you unstuck so you can keep moving toward your home theater goals.

How we use the time is up to you. Whether it's a couple of one-hour'ish sessions, or four half-hour'ish sessions, it doesn't matter to me. I just want you to walk away with your questions answered and having learned something you can use.

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